Can I use a PO Box as my Return Address?

How to set up your Ship From Address when using a PO Box

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While you can use a PO Box as your Return Address in Pirate Ship, you will still need a physical address in order to successfully buy postage πŸ‘ USPS needs a physical address on file for every shipper for two reasons:

  1. Postage rates are calculated based on where you're physically shipping from, and USPS also needs to know where to pick up packages from if you request a pickup.

  2. USPS legally requires it πŸ˜„

To ensure your Ship From Address is set up correctly, we recommend setting a different Origin Zip Code than your Return Address!

You'll begin this process by heading to your Settings > Ship From Addresses. You can either edit your existing Ship From Address, or create a new one entirely. From there, your page will look something like this:

The Physical Address field is where you would want to enter your home address, or the actual address of your Post Office πŸ‘ This will only be used to calculate the correct amount of postage, and won't appear on your shipping labels.

By unchecking the box next to "Use this address as the Return Address on my shipping labels," you'll be able to enter a separate Return Address πŸŽ‰ You'll want to enter your PO Box address here, as this will be the address that prints on your labels.

If you're shipping with UPS

As a general rule of thumb, UPS won't accept any packages addressed to PO Boxes. Since this is the case, we don't suggest using a PO Box as your Return Address if you're shipping with UPS πŸ™ˆ You'll still be able to buy UPS labels if you do, but if UPS has to return a package back to you, getting it delivered to your PO Box will prove tricky, and may result in some additional surcharges.

Need help getting this set up? Our support team is happy to lend a hook!

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