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Can I buy batches of multiple labels at one time?
Can I buy batches of multiple labels at one time?

Learn how you can create a batch of labels with Pirate Ship

Updated over a week ago

Pirate Ship was originally built for batch shipping identical packages. So for example, if you're shipping 100 of the same size packages, that's super easy with Pirate Ship.

But we realize that in a lot of cases you may want to ship 100 packages that are all totally different, not the same at all. Here's what you can do to make that happen:

There are 2 ways to create a batch of labels:

  1. You can upload any type of spreadsheet, and that sheet can include columns for Weight and Dimensions, so you can buy a mixed batch of labels as long as they're all the same package type. This guide explains more about that.

  2. You can connect your eCommerce platform, which allows you to see all your unshipped orders, filter for identical orders, and buy a batch of labels for them. Here's all the integrations we currently have.

Some other strategies...

If you're using the Ship / Create a Single Label form to buy labels one-by-one, there's currently no way to "batch" them 😅

In the meantime, here are a couple of ways to make your life easier:

  1. Set a Default Payment Amount, so that you can load up your account with credit instead of paying one-by-one.

  2. You can print multiple labels at once from the Ship page after you've bought them.

We know it's not ideal yet... but hopefully that helps!

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