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Getting started with Pirate Ship
Getting started with Pirate Ship

Follow along with our "New Pirate Guide" to help you get sailing!

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Welcome aboard, Captain!

As a new crew member aboard Pirate Ship, you're able to create labels for your personal or business shipments and have USPS® or UPS® deliver them for you! You can check out What is Pirate Ship? and watch our Getting Started video to get a quick overview of everything you need to get started 👍

And you can read on to learn more about creating labels, choosing USPS or UPS services, additional options, and what to do with your shipment after you've made your label.

Creating a Label

Making your first label is a breeze no matter where you’re shipping to 😊 Here’s some helpful information to get you started:

Domestic Labels

  • To create a label for your U.S. recipients, you’ll need to enter your recipient information in the corresponding address fields. That section looks like this:

  • Next, you’ll need to enter your package details. Be sure to enter the most accurate dimensions and weights (in both ounces and pounds) 🤓

  • Click on the Get Rates button and review your recipient address and order details

  • Once your label looks good, click the Buy Label button to generate your label! You can then click on the green Print Label button to print out your label whenever you’re ready 🎉.

International Labels

  • The international label creation process is similar to above, but you have to fill out a customs form before clicking on the Get Rates button. Here’s a great guide for how to fill those out 👌

  • Need help formatting an international address into those address fields? Chat in and let us know - we're here to help!

  • For all the info you'll need to get started making international labels, check out our International Shipping Guide.

Extra Services

  • Looking for extra protection? Check out this guide on adding insurance to your shipments.

  • ...or this one showing you how to add Signature Confirmation service 🙂

  • Need to ship Media Mail? We've got you covered here!

Choosing a USPS or UPS Service

Between the USPS and UPS labels we offer, Pirate Ship automatically chooses the cheapest service for your package, so you don't have to worry about it! If you’re not seeing the service you were looking for, it's because we found a better, more cost-effective option for you 😉

This guide will show you how to choose a particular shipping service when creating a label.

The USPS and UPS services available on Pirate Ship include USPS Ground Advantage, Priority Mail, Priority Mail Express, UPS Ground, 3 Day Select, 2nd Day Air, Next Day Air, and more! To see all of the services available to you, check out our rates page here:

I Created My Label... Now What?

Once you've bought your label and printed it out, stick it on your package and you're good to go! After that, you've got a few options for getting your package to USPS or UPS:

What's Next?

Now that you're officially sailing, here’s some helpful information to keep in mind:

  • Wondering why your tracking information isn’t updating on the USPS or UPS website? Check out this article for more information.

  • USPS tracking updates can have various meanings depending on what USPS notes in their updates. Learn more about what your USPS tracking status means.

  • Would you like to automatically provide your recipients with tracking information? Find out more about how our tracking emails work.

  • Make sure you enter your package information correctly to avoid carrier adjustments from USPS or UPS 🙈 Here’s more information on the USPS Automated Package Verification (APV) system, as well as information on the UPS surcharges you may incur on Pirate Ship.

Have any questions? Click the blue chat button to get in touch with our Support Crew - we're always happy to lend a helping hook 😎

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