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I dropped off my package, but it still hasn't been scanned yet
I dropped off my package, but it still hasn't been scanned yet

Here are some reasons why your tracking status may not be updated and what steps you can take if delays in tracking updates persist

Updated over a week ago
  • We Only See the Same Tracking Information as You: Unfortunately, Pirate Ship relies on tracking information from USPS® and UPS® to know where each shipment is, so until USPS or UPS scans your packages, we're working with both eyepatches on 🙈

  • Reasons for Delayed Tracking Updates: UPS is typically pretty quick, but USPS can often take up to 24 hours to update tracking statuses. There are a few reasons why your package status may not be updated right away:

    • If you drop your package off after hours, USPS or UPS won't scan it in until the next day

    • It's in the queue at a USPS or UPS facility

    • The postal workers or UPS workers scanning packages simply didn't get to it that day

    • Due to record-breaking volume, we’re also seeing a lot more instances where local Post Offices ship packages out without scanning them initially. In most of these cases, it’ll take a couple of days for the first scan to show up and mark the package as “In Transit" (we haven't seen this nearly as often for UPS packages)

What you can do

  • Ask Your Local Post Office: If it's been several days since you dropped your package off with USPS, you'll want to head to your local Post Office and ask them what happened to it!

    • Remember, all we can see is the same tracking information you have access to on the USPS website... so hopefully your Post Office will have more insight than us 😅

  • File a Missing Mail Search Request: One other thing to try is to file a Missing Mail Search Request to kick that tracking number into gear with USPS! Sometimes this will prompt an update to the tracking scans on your shipment.

    • That said, reaching out to your local Post Office to ask about your shipment is always the best way forward. Until the package gets scanned in for tracking, they'll have the best idea of where the package is.

The same process applies to UPS packages

  • Visit the Nearest UPS Drop-Off Point: If you shipped a package with UPS and you're running into a similar issue, we suggest following the same steps: visit the nearest UPS drop-off location where you handed off your package.

  • Call UPS for Packages that Were Picked Up: If you had your packages picked up via a UPS pickup, then you can contact UPS at 1 (800) 742-5877 and inquire about the tracking number.

Let us know if we can help in any way

  • Reach Out to Our Crew: If all else fails, don't hesitate to get in touch with us! Missing packages are a tricky business, but we'll see what we can do to lend a hook 😊

    • Click the blue icon to live chat with our Support Crew or email us at - we’re always happy to help 🏴‍☠️

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