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What does Pirate Ship offer when I sign up?
What does Pirate Ship offer when I sign up?

Resources for finding shipping supplies

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When you sign up for Pirate Ship, you’re getting access to our easy-to-use website, the cheapest USPS® and UPS® parcel shipping services, and the most pirate-y customer support on the seven seas!

Other companies may offer additional software, scales, or printers, but one of the ways we keep Pirate Ship so affordable is by focusing on the label purchasing experience 😉 At this time, we don't provide users with a printer, scale, or any other items.

To get the best experience with Pirate Ship, we strongly encourage you to get a printer, scale, and packaging that you feel comfortable using before purchasing any labels 👍 You’ll need to weigh and measure your items in your preferred packaging before calculating rates on our website, and print labels using your own printer.

Fortunately, no fancy shipping supplies are needed in order to use our site 🎉 Any scale can be used as long as it displays the weight in both pounds and ounces, and our labels can be printed from any desktop computer using regular printer paper!

Some resources for shipping supplies

If you're in the market for a scale or printer, you can check out our top recommendations here 🖨️

There are several websites that offer options for packaging and packing materials, depending on what you're looking for and how much you need. If you're shipping on a tight budget, you can find many free supplies on the USPS website that get delivered directly to your door at no cost. You can also order free UPS Express boxes and envelopes on the UPS website, though you'll need to create a UPS account to do so.

Since Pirate Ship is a web-based service, we won't send you any physical software either 💿 You'll be ready to start shipping as soon as you've created an account!

Have any questions? Click the blue button to chat with our Support Crew - we're happy to lend a hook 😃

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