Dealing with a Return to Sender package is never any fun πŸ˜“

There are several reasons why USPS may return a package as undeliverable:

  • The address was incomplete or incorrect

  • The package information didn't match what was entered on the label, and the postage owed was not charged through the APV System

  • The recipient declined the package

  • The package was awaiting pickup at the recipient's local Post Office, but the recipient never picked it up

  • The mail carrier had trouble accessing the address (locked gate, closed business, etc.), or the recipient was not known to live at the address on the label

To find out why a package may have been returned, the first place to check would be the USPS tracking page πŸ” Oftentimes, they'll include an update explaining why the shipment was returned, like this:

If you don't see a tracking update like the above example, your next option would be to wait for USPS to deliver the package back to you πŸ‘ When they do, USPS should include some notes (either paper, sticker, or handwritten) on your package indicating what the issue may have been.

Learn more about the different USPS tracking statuses.

Can I get a refund for a returned package?

Unfortunately, USPS doesn't offer refunds for returned packages 😒 They consider the job done, since they transported the package all the way there AND back. However, our team is always happy to research your situation and help get things sailin' in the right direction!

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