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Why isn't the carrier I want to use available for my shipment?
Why isn't the carrier I want to use available for my shipment?

What to do if USPS or UPS doesn't show up when you click "Get Rates"

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If you don't see USPS or UPS services when you're ready to buy your label, don't walk the plank just yet! This isn't a glitch, and may happen from time to time depending on what (and to where) you're shipping πŸ˜‰

Here are some reasons why you might not see either USPS or UPS show up when it's time to choose a shipping service:

You're trying to use UPS but you're set to 2x7" labels

UPS doesn't support 2x7" labels πŸ™ˆ If you want to buy UPS labels, you'll need to go to Settings > General Settings and change your Label Size to 4x6". You can print them with a regular desktop or inkjet printer πŸ‘

Your package is outside normal weight and size restrictions

USPS allows for a maximum weight of 70 pounds (lbs) for all domestic services. If you're sending a package that weighs more than 70 lbs, you won't see any of the domestic USPS services like First Class Package or Priority Mail listed in the Choose a Service drop-down menu. Instead, you'll be able to choose from any available UPS services πŸ“¦

You're sending hazardous materials

UPS services aren't available for sending hazmat items on Pirate Ship, so if you're buying a label for hazardous material shipment, you'll only see USPS services available once you click the Get Rates button.

Origin or delivery address issues for one of the carriers

USPS or UPS services may not show up depending on the destination address you're shipping to! It's a rare case, but USPS doesn't service certain residential addresses, like in some rural locations where people have to go to their local Post Office to pick up their packages.

On the other hand, you may not see one of the carriers as an option because your Ship From Address doesn't allow for it.

For instance, a reason UPS might not show up when getting rates is because the Ship From Address is a USPS-only location that UPS won’t service. An example of a USPS-only location is a PO Box you're using as your Ship From Address. If you'd like to use a UPS service in this case, going back to use a different Ship From Address and clicking "Get Rates" again is a good step πŸ‘

The country you're shipping to has specific restrictions

When shipping internationally, every country has different weight and dimension limits for what they allow. Depending on the country you're shipping to, certain international USPS (or UPS) services might not be an option if your box is too big, or if it weighs too much... and USPS and UPS are both subject to different restrictions πŸ˜…

To see weight and size restrictions for each country outside of the United States, visit the Individual Country Listings on the USPS website.

You're trying to ship to Puerto Rico or a US Territory with UPS, but didn't fill out a customs form

Unlike USPS, UPS treats Puerto Rico or US Territories like countries instead of states, so they require customs forms and you might have to pay international rates. Since customs forms aren't required for shipping to these locations for USPS, you aren't prompted to fill it out... and if you don't, UPS options won't be shown.

Keep in mind that when shipping to destinations such as Puerto Rico, Guam, the US Virgin Islands, US Minor Outlying Islands, and FPO & APO Military Addresses, you'll be prompted to fill out a customs form for packages over 1 pound (lb).

You're using either USPS or UPS-branded packaging

If you're using branded packaging from either USPS or UPS, it will automatically exclude the other carrier when you click "Get Rates." For instance, if you've selected one of the Priority Mail packaging options from the Type of Packaging drop-down menu, you'll only see that specific Priority Mail service show up when it's time to select your shipping option.

The same goes for any of the free UPS Express boxes and envelopes. If you select any of those from the Type of Packaging drop-down, you'll only see UPS services on the next page πŸ‘Œ Note that in this case, all the domestic UPS services will be available except UPS Ground.

You're trying to create return labels

UPS doesn't currently support return labels on Pirate Ship, so if you're attempting to create return labels by themselves or with your regular label, you won't see any UPS services when you click the "Get Rates" button.

Note: While return labels aren't currently supported for UPS shipments, this is something we're hoping to add in the future 🀞 Stay tuned!

You have selected Signature Confirmation service for an international shipment

USPS and Asendia (the carrier for our exclusive international service Simple Export Rate) do not support Signature Confirmation service for international shipments. If you have selected Signature Confirmation from the "Extra Services" drop-down when creating an international label, UPS will be the only available carrier to choose from once you click the "Get Rates" button.

UPS has suspended service to the country you're shipping to

Beginning on November 13th, 2023, UPS has suspended services* to the following countries and territories:

  • Bhutan

  • The Cook Islands

  • East Timor

  • Fiji

  • Kiribati

  • The Marshall Islands

  • Palau

  • Papua New Guinea

  • The Solomon Islands

  • Tonga

  • Tuvalu

  • Vanuatu

  • Wallis & Futuna

  • Federated States of Micronesia (Kosrae, Ponape, Yap, Truk)

Other countries and territories where UPS services (going to and from) may be temporarily impacted are: Australia, Guam, American Samoa, Western Samoa, Nepal, Mongolia, and the Northern Mariana Islands.

Note*: UPS Worldwide Saver may still be available.

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