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How do I create a UPS label?
How do I create a UPS label?

Learn how to create and purchase UPS labels on Pirate Ship

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Creating a UPS label isn't any different from creating a USPS label! The only thing that's different is the actual label itself when it's time to choose a shipping service 😉

To start, you can either Create a Single Label from your Ship page, upload an address spreadsheet, or import your orders from one of our eCommerce integrations.

Enter your recipient and package information

If you're creating a single label, enter your recipient's name, address, and email (optional), as seen in the example below:

Once you've entered your recipient info, then enter the weight and dimensions of your box, along with the type of packaging you're using. Here's another example:

From there, you're ready to click the big green "Get Rates" button!

Choose a UPS service from the drop-down menu

Once you clicked "Get Rates," the next page will be where you choose your shipping service. To see all the UPS services available to you, click the drop-down arrow just underneath the text Choose a Service. You'll then see the expanded drop-down menu, where you can select the UPS service you'd like to buy 😊

Note: UPS labels on Pirate Ship are only available in the standard 4x6" size, not 2x7". If your label settings are set to 2x7" in your General Settings, then you won't see any of the UPS services. You'll need to change your label sizes to 4x6" in your Settings, and then start over again 🙈

To make it easier on yourself, you can also opt to display only UPS services in the drop-down menu, as seen in the top right corner of the screenshot below:

Print your UPS label

Once you've bought your label, you're ready to print it 🎉 To do that, click the big green "Print Label" button and you're ready to set sail!

Once you affix your label to your package, you can schedule a UPS pickup, or drop it off at one of the 85,000+ UPS drop-off locations across the country 👍 Once UPS scans in the package and accepts it into their network, you'll be able to follow along with the tracking status on your Ship page, or by typing your tracking number into the UPS tracking portal.

Any questions? Get in touch with our Support Crew by clicking the blue chat button - we're always happy to lend a hook 😃

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