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UPS® Packaging Guidelines

Learn how to protect your products and stay in line with the UPS requirements

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Depending on the type of product you're sending, UPS has certain sets of rules and requirements for packaging your shipment. Here's how to view those guidelines:

Use the UPS Online Packaging Advisor Tool

Before you're ready to ship with UPS, you should first view the UPS Packaging Advisor Tool. Once you're there, you can click the type of item you're sending, enter the dimensions and weight of your package, and the specific packaging guidelines for your box will populate after that 👍

The UPS website will suggest the type of outer packaging to use, what kind of packing or cushioning material to include, and even where to affix your label!

Packaging your shipment properly helps with insurance claims

The biggest reason to follow the UPS packaging guidelines is to protect yourself in the event that you need to file an insurance claim with UPS. If UPS determines that your shipment wasn't packaged in accordance with their guidelines, they may deny the insurance claim based on "insufficient packaging" 🙈

When you follow the UPS packaging guidelines specific to your product(s), you'll avoid any surprises during the claims process for insufficient packaging.

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