How to refund UPS labels

The refund process for UPS labels is the same as for USPS labels, but faster

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If you need to refund a label that you bought with UPS, the process isn't too different from USPS 😉 Here's everything you need to know about how refunding UPS labels works on Pirate Ship.

UPS approves refund requests for labels within an hour

Whether you have printed out your label or not, it only takes about an hour for UPS refunds to get approved!

Pirate Ship auto-refunds any unused labels after 28 days

Similar to USPS labels, Pirate Ship will also auto-refund any UPS labels you create but don't use after 28 days. Once this happens, you won't be able to print the label anymore.

UPS prefers that you use your labels as soon as possible after purchasing them. If UPS considers a label too old to use, there's a chance that the package will be routed to a UPS Overgoods location, which is a facility where UPS holds packages that are unable to be recovered 🙈

If a UPS label has been sitting without being used, the best practice is to simply recreate it and pay for a new one! If your UPS label is auto-refunded, you'll need to recreate that label and not use the original refunded label when shipping out your package.

If you use a refunded label or if you use a label more than once, that package will get sent to a UPS Overgoods location and will be unable to be recovered 😅

Where do the refunds go?

Like all refunds, you'll see the dollar amount for the label you refunded applied to your Account Balance. You can check your Account Balance in your Reports page, where you can also see your Refund History.

Once a refund is approved and applied back to your Account Balance, you can also click "Refund Credit" in your Reports page to send it back to your original payment method 👍

Here's how that looks:

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