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How can I track my package?

Learn how to follow along with your package for UPS & USPS labels that you purchase on Pirate Ship

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All labels purchased on Pirate Ship come with a valid USPS® or UPS® tracking number. If you are expecting a package from a shipper who uses Pirate Ship, there are a few ways to track your package on its way to you 📦 We've listed those below.

If you live within the United States or US Territories

  • Track Domestic Packages on the USPS & UPS Websites: For any recipients within the United States, you can follow along with your package by typing your tracking number into the USPS tracking portal, or into the UPS tracking portal.

    • These tracking pages will provide the most up-to-date and detailed information on your package up until you receive it 👌

If you live outside of the United States

  • Track International Packages on the USPS & UPS Websites: For international recipients, you'll still need to use the USPS tracking portal or the UPS tracking portal to follow along with your package 😉

    • It may take longer to receive updates, depending on which country you live in, but the USPS and UPS portals are still the best sources of information.

Does your package have an AHOY tracking number?

  • Track AHOY Packages with Asendia USA: If the tracking number you received begins with "AHOY," this means your sender used our special international service Simple Export Rate® to buy the shipping label for your package.

    • In this case, you can track your package by pasting the "AHOY" tracking number into the Asendia USA tracking portal. This "AHOY" number is the singular door-to-door tracking number and the only one you need to follow along with 💪

  • Delivery Tracking Numbers in Your Country: When your shipment arrives in your country and clears customs, either your country's postal service or a local carrier will deliver the package to you. At that point, the Asendia tracking page will also display a Delivery Tracking Number that you can use to track your package inside your country.

What if my package is missing or arriving late?

  • Missing or Late Packages: If you believe your package may be missing or arriving late, the best course of action is to contact your shipper. This way, they may be able to send you a replacement or file an insurance claim (if applicable).

  • Pirate Ship Doesn't Handle Any Packages: Pirate Ship only supplies shipping labels and doesn't handle any packages, so we unfortunately can't provide too much help in this case. All we can look up is the same tracking information you can on either the USPS and UPS portals or on the Asendia USA tracking pages 😅

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