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Can I make handwritten corrections to my label?
Can I make handwritten corrections to my label?

What to do if you purchased a label that needs to be edited

Updated over a week ago

If you make a typing mistake on your label, you technically can make edits using a pen or marker...but sadly, neither USPS nor UPS are required to follow any handwritten corrections or instructions on the label or package 😓

When USPS or UPS are in possession of your shipment, their systems will only reference the address information that's been hard-coded into the tracking barcode. Even if the correct information is displayed on your package, USPS and UPS will typically use the original information as it appears in their systems.

Your safest option is always to request a refund for your incorrect label, and try making it again 👍

What if I just need to add an Apartment / Unit number?

Even if you need to add extra information to your label, there still isn't a guarantee that the package will be delivered successfully 😢 A generous Postal Service carrier or UPS delivery worker might reference the label information and deliver the package to the right place, but USPS will usually return the package to sender due to an insufficient address.

UPS will typically return a package as well, but they'll also try to figure out the correct address before they do! If they figure out the correct address and deliver the package to the intended destination, you'll see an "Address Correction" surcharge of $18 applied as an adjustment on your shipment page.

What if I'm only correcting the recipient name?

Typically, making handwritten edits to the recipient's name is totally fine, as long as the address itself is correct 🙂

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