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Can I get a money-back delivery guarantee refund on my Priority Mail Express or Priority Mail Express International shipment?
Can I get a money-back delivery guarantee refund on my Priority Mail Express or Priority Mail Express International shipment?

Here's how to get refunds for delivery speed guarantees for Priority Mail Express, and what to do for Priority Mail Express International

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Priority Mail Express

Priority Mail Express labels you buy on Pirate Ship come with date-certain, postage-refund guarantees.

If your shipment isn’t delivered by the guaranteed date, we can help you get that postage cost refunded! These money-back guarantees only apply to postage and won't include reimbursement for extra services you pay for, such as third-party insurance or Signature Confirmation. Just use the chat on the bottom right of this screen, or email us at with the tracking number to get that process started.

Note: Delivery guarantee refunds cannot be processed until the package is marked as Delivered.

Also, when shipping Priority Mail Express packages, make sure that you drop your packages off on the same date that your label shows (your Ship Date). In order for USPS to honor the refund guarantee, your Ship Date and the Acceptance Date when USPS scans the package must match.

Learn more about choosing your Ship Date.

A note on USPS Service Commitments

As we said in the above section, it's crucial that you drop your package off on the same date that your label shows. You should also aim to drop off your package at your local Post Office sooner in the day rather than later 😉 This is because USPS may adjust your service commitment cutoff times based on when they first accept your Priority Express package.

If your package is scanned in and accepted after a certain time of day, USPS may extend their service commitment to one day after you expect your package to be delivered...and you may be denied a guaranteed refund if you submit a claim for one 🙈

To see the service commitment times for your shipment, enter your info into the USPS Service Commitments calculator.

Some states & US Territories don't offer refunds for late PME packages

Unfortunately, money-back guarantees for PME shipments don't apply if the package is sent to or from the following locations:

  • Alaska

  • Hawaii

  • Guam

  • American Samoa

  • The Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands

  • The Republic of Palau

  • The Republic of the Marshall Islands

  • The Federated States of Micronesia

Priority Mail Express International

While Priority Mail Express labels come with a money-back guarantee, USPS only offers money-back guarantees for Priority Mail Express International to specific countries if you buy the label at the Post Office with Retail Pricing. That means no Priority Mail Express International labels you purchase on Pirate Ship comes with the same guaranteed delivery speeds, and we're not able to process those refunds 😥

If the package isn’t marked as Delivered and is lost in transit, the money-back delivery speed guarantee no longer applies, and you'll have to file an insurance claim instead to recover the cost of the postage. Priority Mail Express comes with $100 of insurance from USPS, and Priority Mail Express International comes with $200 of insurance.

Any questions? Get in touch with us by clicking the blue chat button 👍 We're here to help!

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