Ship Date

In Pirate Ship, you can change your Ship Date and when your Tracking Emails will be sent. 

Both USPS and UPS allow you to set your ship date on Pirate Ship for up to 7 days into the future 👍

To schedule your Ship Date, fill out the recipient's information and package details and click GET RATES. Before you click BUY LABEL, click the calendar icon and select your ship date:

A screenshot showing the shipment details before a label is purchased. Towards the bottom of the page above the 'Buy Label' button, there's a line for Ship Date, and to the right of that there's a box where you can select the Ship Date up to 7 days in the future.

USPS usually allows you to ship your package as long as the Ship Date is within a few days of when you actually hand them the package... however, it is at each employee's discretion. They can technically refuse to ship your package if you wait too long! Best practice is to get your package into the mail stream as close to the postmarked date as possible. 

Unlike USPS, UPS really doesn't care too much about Ship Dates 😉 UPS prefers you use your labels within 100 days, but if you use it after that, they'll just charge you with an additional $2 "Missing PLD Fee" and deliver the package like normal.

Can I send myself a copy of the tracking email?

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