How to Ship Priority Mail Express 

USPS offers Priority Mail Express, which is a 1-day delivery between urban areas, and a 2-day delivery between rural areas. It's the fastest service USPS offers, and comes with free signature confirmation and $100 of insurance!

Each Post Office has their own unique cut-off times when they stop accepting Express shipments for the day. 

To figure out if your shipment qualifies for one-day shipping, check out the USPS Service Commitments here:

You’ll just need to enter your Ship From and Ship To ZIPs, along with when you expect to drop the package off at the Post Office. 

We do recommend going into the Post Office and handing the package directly to an employee, since that’s the best way to ensure the package goes out at the right time! 

If USPS doesn’t deliver the package by the date and time stated in the Service Commitments, they will offer a full refund on your label. Just send us a message 👍

How to create a Priority Mail Express Label

To choose the Priority Mail Express service, you can select the package type you have on hand from the Package Type dropdown on the Create Label page, or use your own packaging:

A screenshot of the Packaging Type menu that you'll see when creating a label. The three packaging options for Priority Mail Express are shown. These options are 'Priority Mail Express Flat Rate Envelope,' 'Priority Mail Express Legal Flat Rate Envelope,' and 'Priority Mail Express Padded Flat Rate Envelope.'

If you're using your own packaging for Priority Mail Express, enter in your package details on the Create Single Label page, and select the service from the dropdown on the Buy Label page:

A screenshot of the 'Choose a Service' drop down menu that you'll see when creating a label. The top option, 'Priority Mail,' was clicked to reveal a drop down menu. The option for 'Priority Mail Express' is highlighted.

To utilize the free Signature Confirmation, check the box for it under the Extra Services tab:

A screenshot showing the 'Extra Services' menu, with the checkbox next to 'Signature Confirmation' selected.

The fee for Signature Confirmation will be shown as $0 on the Buy Label page when you select the Priority Mail Express Service:

A screenshot of the pricing for shipping a Priority Mail Express Flat Rate Envelope. The Signature Confirmation add-on is highlighted, and it shows a price of $0.00.

Any questions? Hit the blue chat button on the bottom right of your screen 😃

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