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My label has the wrong ship date. Do I need to change it?
My label has the wrong ship date. Do I need to change it?

Correcting the ship date on your label

Updated over a week ago

When shipping USPS® packages, you generally shouldn't have any trouble as long as you're handing the package to the Postal Service within a few days of the date on the label... but it is at the discretion of the USPS employee, so be super nice about it 😉

UPS® prefers that you use your labels as soon as possible after purchasing them. If UPS considers a label too old to use, there's a chance that the package will be routed to a UPS Overgoods location, which is a facility where UPS holds packages that are unable to be recovered 🙈

If a UPS label has been sitting without being used, the best practice is to simply recreate it and pay for a new one! Keep in mind that our software automatically refunds labels after 28 days. If your UPS label is auto-refunded, you'll need to recreate that label and not use the original refunded label when shipping out your package 👍

If you use a refunded label or if you use a label more than once, that package will get sent to a UPS Overgoods location and will be unable to be recovered.

Unfortunately, once you’ve purchased a label there is no way to edit it. So, if you need to change the Ship Date, you will have to request a refund for the label and start over.

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