Scheduling a pickup with USPS tells the Postal Service letter carrier who services your address you’ll have packages ready, and that they should attempt to pick them up when they drop off your mail on the next business day. You can expect them around the time of day they usually drop your mail off.

To schedule a free pickup from USPS, navigate to the "Ship" page and look for the blue "Schedule a Pickup" button.

A screenshot showing the Ship Page. The blue 'Schedule Pickup' button is highlighted, it's positioned towards the center of the page, and it's below the 'Search previous labels' search bar.

From there, simply click Request Pickup > USPS to be routed to this page:

A screenshot of the 'Request USPS Pickup' page. There is a blue 'Request Pickup' button in the bottom right corner that submits this form directly to USPS.

Here, you can choose between your saved Ship From Addresses to select the Pickup Location you'd like USPS to use.

You can also inform your letter carrier where the packages will be left with the next drop-down bar.

Lastly, you'll want to note the amount of packages you have per service, along with the combined Estimated Total Weight (lbs) of all packages included in the pickup.

For example, if you're shipping 3 packages with the Priority Mail Cubic service, 2 packages with the First Class Package service, and 1 package using the Simple Export Rate service, and they weigh approximately 10 lbs all together, you would enter in:

Priority Count: 3
Intl Count: 1
First Class Count: 2
Estimated Total Weight: 10

Live in a multi-story building?

For residents of multi-story buildings, please bring your packages to a ground level, secured location for pickup.

Free pickups are scheduled for the next day

The cutoff time to schedule a free next-day pickup is 3AM ET... so technically it's a same day pickup if you're staying up that late 😜

USPS will pickup packages every day of the week except Sunday, so if you request a pickup on a Saturday or Sunday it will be scheduled for Monday.

Need USPS to pick up at a specific time?

If you need to schedule a pickup for a specific date & time instead of a free next-business-day pickup, you can do this directly with USPS for a $25 fee:

Media Mail and Parcel Select Ground don't qualify for pickups

If you're only shipping with either of these services, USPS won't come to pick up your packages. You need to have at least one package of the other qualifying services for USPS to pick up your shipments.

The domestic USPS services that qualify for pickups are First Class Package, Priority Mail, and Priority Mail Express. All international USPS services also qualify for pickups.

When scheduling a pickup for our international service Simple Export Rate, you'll need to enter your package as a domestic First Class Package if it's under a pound, and as a Priority Mail shipment if it's over a pound 👍

What to do if USPS doesn't show up

All pickups are scheduled through USPS and fulfilled by your local Post Office.

Basically, your local Post Office gets a list of pickup requests every morning, and the letter carrier who delivers mail on your route is supposed to look at that list and remember to knock on your door (or wherever you requested) when they drop off your mail... so your packages should be picked up around the same time they usually drop off your mail.

Unfortunately, sometimes the letter carrier simply forgets, or is so overworked that they can't make it happen. Letter carriers may also use their discretion when picking up packages. Hazards such as snow, ice, obstructed pathways and dogs may prevent USPS from collecting packages.

If you're having repeat problems with pickup requests, we recommend walking into your local Post Office and asking to speak with the Postmaster. Since pickups are handled locally, that's the only way to find out why they're not showing up. You can find your local Post Office here:

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