Pirate Ship sells postage for the United States Postal Service, so once you buy and print the postage and put it on your packages, you simply need to give it to USPS.

Don't drop packages off in one of the blue USPS mailboxes outside!

Ever since the unabomber, USPS has frowned on packages that weigh more than 13 ounces which are left in the blue mailboxes outside the Post Office or around town. If you leave a package in there, there's a chance that it could get delayed or even worst, discarded! Don't risk it.

Instead, drop your packages off over the counter at the Post Office

If you're dropping your packages off at the Post Office, we only recommend handing them to an employee and asking for an acceptance receipt. This gives you proof that you mailed the package, which can be important if something happens and your package goes missing.

Or just stay put and schedule a free next-day pickup!

You can hand your package to your letter carrier when they drop off your mail every day, or you can schedule a free next day pickup to make sure they show up even if they don't have any mail for you.

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