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Can I get an international UPS package returned to me?
Can I get an international UPS package returned to me?

A list of countries that don't offer return service for UPS shipments

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UPS offers return service from certain countries, which can be helpful if you need a package sent back to you, or if UPS deems the package "Undeliverable" for any reason. In cases like these, you may incur a surcharge from UPS for the return fee, as well as an adjustment for the cost of the return postage 😅

This said, not every country offers international returns for UPS packages in the first place!

The list of countries without return service for UPS packages (as of 12/2021)

The following countries do NOT offer return service for UPS shipments:

  • Andorra (AD)

  • Antarctica (AQ)

  • Ascension Islands (AC)

  • Belize (BZ)

  • Benin (BJ)

  • Bhutan (BT)

  • Bouvet Island (BV)

  • British Indies Chagos (IO)

  • Caroline Islands (PC)

  • Central African Republic (CF)

  • Chad (TD)

  • Christmas Island (CX)

  • Cocos (Keeling) Islands (CC)

  • Cuba (CU)

  • Equatorial Guinea (GQ)

  • Falkland Islands (Malvinas) (FK)

  • Faroe Islands (FO)

  • Federated States of Micronesia (FM)

  • French Guiana (GF)

  • French Southern Territories (TF)

  • Gabon (GA)

  • Greenland (GL)

  • Guinea-Bissau (GW)

  • Heard and McDonald Islands (HM)

  • Islamic Republic of Iran (IR)

  • Korea, North (KP)

  • Liberia (LR)

  • Maldives (MV)

  • Marshall Islands (MH)

  • Midway (MI)

  • Mozambique (MZ)

  • Nauru (NR)

  • Niue (NU)

  • Norfolk Island (NF)

  • Palau (PW)

  • Papua New Guinea (PG)

  • Pitcairn (PN)

  • Saint Helena (SH)

  • Saint Pierre and Miquelon (PM)

  • Sao Tome and Principe (ST)

  • Seychelles (SC)

  • Solomon Islands (SB)

  • Somalia (SO)

  • Sudan (SD)

  • Timor Leste (TL)

  • Tokelau (TK)

  • Tonga (TO)

  • Tuvalu (TV)

  • Vanuatu (VU)

  • Wake Island (WK)

  • Wallis and Futuna (WF)

  • Western Sahara (EH)

  • Yemen (YE)

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