Like USPS, UPS offers free Express packaging that you can use for most of your shipments with them! If you want to order these free boxes and envelopes, you'll need to create a free UPS account and order them on the UPS website, or you can visit your local UPS Store.

You can use UPS Express envelopes and boxes for any UPS service except Ground

The free Express envelopes and boxes that UPS provides can only be used with Air services. In other words, you can use these free Express boxes and envelopes for every UPS service except Ground for domestic shipments 😉

Note: If you use UPS Express Envelopes and your shipment weighs 8 ounces or less, you’ll get a “Letter” rate. This rate is slightly cheaper than the 1lb rate, and it only applies to Express (Air) services only.

Selecting your UPS Express box or envelope

When creating labels, you'll need to select the particular UPS Express box or envelope you're using from the Type of Packaging drop-down. You'll find the UPS options at the bottom of the drop-down menu once you click it open 👍

Here's how that looks:

You can use your own boxes and poly mailers for any UPS service

On top of the free packaging that UPS provides, you can also use your own custom-branded or generic packaging with any UPS service 🎉 This includes both domestic and international UPS services.

For tubes, select "Irregular Package" from the Extra Services drop-down

If you're sending a UPS Express Tube, you'll need to select the "Irregular Package" checkbox when creating your label. Selecting this will incur an Additional Handling Surcharge, which is one of the UPS surcharges you might see on Pirate Ship 😅

Learn more about how to send an irregular package.

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