Shipping with USPS

Pirate Ship does not currently offer the Fragile (or "Special Handling") service from USPS 😢 At this time, it can only be purchased directly from your Post Office.

Luckily, you can still ship your fragile packages through Pirate Ship 🎉 After you've purchased the shipping label for your package, drop it off at your local Post Office and request the additional Special Handling sticker. It'll cost you $12.15 at any USPS location 👍

You can also order a roll of Special Handling stickers for free on the USPS website here - but you'll still have to pay the service fee once you drop your shipment off at the Post Office 😉

Shipping with UPS

UPS doesn't currently offer any special handling services for fragile shipments. So, the best option is simply to write "Fragile" on the box, or to apply some kind of fragile stickers on the sides of your package.

Can I just write the word "Fragile" on my package?

While you can certainly leave a note on your package indicating it should be handled with care, USPS and UPS technically aren't required to follow any handwritten instructions 🙈

Using the Special Handling sticker when shipping with USPS is the best way to ensure postal workers will handle your package carefully! If you're shipping with UPS, once again the best option is to mark the box as "Fragile," or to apply stickers that let UPS workers know to handle the package with care.

We also recommend purchasing insurance for fragile packages. That way, you're protected for your full declared value if any of your items break or take damage during transit. Learn more about your options for insurance here.

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