Pirate Ship Simple Export Rate® offers a simple rate structure that makes it easy to know how much international shipping will cost, and savings that make it affordable to offer your products around the world.

Lower shipping costs decrease shopping cart abandonment and boost your sales, so it's best practice to pass these discounts through to your customers. The simple rate structure makes this really easy.

Worried about customs forms? Don't be, they're easy to fill out and are printed on the label. Learn how Customs Forms work here.

Pro tips!

  • If you've built domestic shipping costs into your subscription's margins, make sure to remove that amount from the international rates to maximize your sales!
  • Other country's postal services are not as good as the USPS®, so packages can go missing or get damaged. Depending on how much it costs you to send replacements, consider building insurance costs into your rate rules as well ($1.35 per $100 insured).

Here's how to set up Shipping Rate Rules in Cratejoy:

In your Cratejoy dashboard, go to Settings > Shipping and scroll to the Rate Rules section at the bottom:

Click Add A Country and type Canada into the search field:

Now click Add Canada Rule:

You'll need to create a weight-based rule for each Canada rate:

If your packages will never be in some of these weight ranges, then you can just skip them. Once you've created every Canada rule, it should look like this:

Now we need to add the Rest of World rules. Click the + Country button on the top right, and type Rest of World in the search box:

Add every Rest of World rate just like before, so you end up with this:

Hit Save, you're done! These rates will now show up in your checkout for international customers, based on the total weight of the items in their order.

If we can help in any way just hit the chat button on the bottom right 👍

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