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How to request & fill out a Claim Form
How to request & fill out a Claim Form

See a step-by-step process for filling out a Claim Form for Shipsurance or UPS claims on Pirate Ship

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One of the easiest ways to file a Shipsurance or UPS claim with Pirate Ship is through a Claim Form 📝 This guide outlines a step-by-step process of how to request and fill out this form!

  • Live Chat with Us for Singular Claims: Live chatting with our Support Crew is the preferred method for filing an insurance claim for a single package.

    • If you need to file multiple claims at once, email is the preferred option - click here to learn more!

Step 1: Determine which insurance applies to your package

First, you need to determine whether you're submitting a claim for UPS carrier liability or Shipsurance:

  • UPS carrier liability refers to the $100 of coverage that comes with all UPS labels on Pirate Ship at no extra cost to you.

Step 2: Request your Claim Form via live chat

  • Contact Pirate Ship via Live Chat: Using the blue live chat button at the bottom right of your screen, send over your tracking number and ask our crew for a Damaged or Missing Claim Form 👍

    • Here's how that chat button looks:

  • We Email You Any & All Updates: Once you fill out your claim form, all of your claim information will be sent to our Insurance Team for review. You will receive an email confirmation once your claim is submitted, as well as any time our Insurance Team has an update for your claim.

    • Our insurance team will reach out to you via email as soon as they have more details regarding your claim.

Claim Forms only apply to Shipsurance and UPS claims

  • Claim Forms Aren't for USPS Insurance: Please note that this Claim Form only applies to UPS shipments or any shipment with 3rd party Shipsurance coverage added 😉

    • If you need to file a USPS claim, check out this article instead!

Step 3: Create your ticket

  • Creating a Ticket: After a member of our jolly crew sends over a Claim Form, you can click the Create ticket link to begin ✏️

Step 4: Fill out the individual fields in a Claim Form

Below, we've listed a description of each section you'll need to fill out in a Claim Form. You can see an example of how filling out the prompts on a Damaged Package Claim form looks in this video ⬇️

  • Don't Exit Until You're Done: If you exit the form early, your information won't be saved! 🚨

Individual fields in a claim form

  • Get Notified by Email: This should always be the email address tied to your Pirate Ship account. It will be the email address where you receive updates from our Insurance Team.

  • Claim Status: Select "New Claim" ✔️

    • The other statuses in the drop-down menu will appear on your ticket status page as the Insurance Team works on your claim.

  • Claim Type: Here, select whether you're filing a claim for a missing or damaged package.

    • Missing packages: Let us know if your package went missing before it received tracking updates, while it was in transit, or after delivery.

    • Damaged packages: Select ‘Damage’ if the shipment was destroyed, or ‘Shortage’ if the package was delivered damaged with contents missing.

  • Amount Being Claimed: Enter the amount of money you hope to claim for your package - this should be identical to the item’s invoice value, or the amount of 3rd party coverage you purchased.

  • Tracking Number: Enter the tracking number for the shipment in question.

    • Remember, forms can only support one tracking number at a time - if you need to file multiple claims, please send us an email instead!

  • Please provide a description of the item(s) shipped: Here, describe every item in your package with as much detail as possible.

    • For missing packages: This needs to be a full list of all items in the package, and whether the entire shipment is missing, or part of the shipment.

    • For damaged packages: This should be a full list of the contents, plus a very detailed description of the damage to the package, and which items were affected.

  • Evidence File Upload: These fields are where you upload documents or images for your claim. Each field supports up to 10 files, and each file can be up to 40 MB in size. The evidence you'll need to provide for your claim varies between damaged and missing shipments, but we’ll note any evidence that’s specific to one kind of claim. Here's what we need:

    • Invoice/Proof of Value: Confirmation of what the item(s) shipped was worth.

    • Proof of Payment/Transaction: Confirmation that you received or provided payment for the item(s) sent.

    • Messages between the Shipper and Recipient: Any messages detailing the sale or exchange of the item(s) shipped, plus correspondence around the package being missing or damaged.

    • If you have been in touch with the carrier…: This optional field is a great way to let us know if you’ve started a missing mail tracer, received outreach from USPS or UPS, etc.

    • For damaged claims only:

      • Photos of Damaged Item(s): Include images of the entire damaged item, plus up-close shots if the damage is difficult to see from far away. It’s extra helpful if you have photos of the damaged item inside the package too!

      • Photos of Internal Packaging: Include images of the inside of the package, including any bubble wrap, packing peanuts, etc.

      • Photos of External Packaging: Include images of the outside of the package, including any damage visible from the outside. Your photos should show ALL sides of the package, even if it’s not totally destroyed.

  • Have you refunded your recipient, or sent a replacement?: This field lets us know if you’ve already made amends with the recipient in some way - though we recommend waiting until your claim decision is final, in case we need their cooperation with evidence requests.

  • Has the package been returned to you?: This only applies to damaged shipments. Putting a damaged package back in the mail system before a claim is complete immediately voids your insurance coverage. This lets us know whether or not this is the case for your shipment!

  • If your claim is approved, where would you like to receive those funds?: This will let you indicate whether you’d like a payout via account credit, PayPal, or check. You can use the field underneath to give us your PayPal email address, or mailing address for a check.

  • Additional Comments: This is a great place to let us know of any details you wish to provide that weren’t already covered in the claim form.

Step 5: Expect a follow-up from our Insurance Team

  • Submitting the Claim Form: Once you have finished filling out your form, click Create ticket 🎟️

    • If you filled out the required fields correctly, your information will be submitted directly to our Insurance Team.

    • If you missed any of the required fields, the Claim Form will remain on your screen, with outstanding fields highlighted in red.

  • We'll Email You Updates: As we mentioned earlier, you will receive an email confirmation once your claim is submitted, as well as any time our Insurance Team has an update for your claim.

    • Our insurance team will reach out to you via email as soon as they have more details regarding your claim.

  • We May Request Additional Info: Keep in mind that this Claim Form is for the evidence needed to officially start your claim. Depending on the insurance provider, carrier, or other factors, our team may need to follow up for more information as your claim progresses 😅

    • To better understand what may be needed, you can reference the coverage Terms and Conditions for both Shipsurance and UPS.

Let us know how we can help!

That's it, Matey! Have any questions or feel ready to start your claim? Click the blue chat button in the bottom right-hand corner to chat with ARRrrr Support Crew ⛵

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