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What should I include in my store's shipping policy?
What should I include in my store's shipping policy?

Information to share with your customers about shipping

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Adding a shipping policy to your online store is a great way to address your customers' most frequently asked questions πŸ™‚ Here are some suggestions on what you can include in your policy to make it effective!

  • Information on where you ship. Let your customers know if you only ship within the United States, or worldwide 🌏

  • A note regarding pandemic or holiday-related delays 🎁 Setting that expectation will help avoid customers wondering why their package is running late!

  • If you plan to offer your customers "free" or "flat rate" shipping, a note about that πŸ’Έ We have a great guide here that goes over tips on how to determine that rate!

  • Information on service commitments πŸ“† Check out this article to see the estimated delivery time for the services you plan to offer.

  • A notice about customs fees πŸ—ΊοΈ If you plan on shipping internationally, your customers will likely have to pay import taxes in order to receive their package.

  • A quick clarification on shipping times πŸ•› Your customers should know that the delivery estimate is calculated once the package has been shipped, not as soon as they place their order.

  • How to report missing, lost, or damaged items πŸ” Although these unfortunate situations are outside of your control, your customers will feel assured knowing how you will handle these instances.

  • Your return and exchange policy, if you plan on offering those πŸ”„

  • An insurance policy πŸ’ͺ If you choose to insure your shipments with our third-party insurance provider, you can list out what your customers would need to provide in the case of damaged or missing shipment. To learn more about what we need in order to file a claim, check out this guide.

  • Your contact information ☎️ This is a great spot to include your email address or phone number in case your customers have any questions about shipping.

If you'd like a free template to get you started, click here!

Any questions? Our Support Team is happy to help you sail in the right direction πŸ˜‰

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