Tips to lower your shipping costs

Is shipping too expensive? Here's a bunch of things you can do to help shave some costs!

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With Pirate Ship, you get free access to the deepest discounts USPS provides as well as pre-negotiated UPS rates... but there are lots of ways to make sure you're protecting your treasure when you're shipping a package. Here are some of our favorite ways to save 💸

  1. Keep your package under 1 pound! If you can make your package weigh 15.99 ounces or less, you'll save the most with the cheapest USPS shipping service, USPS Ground Advantage®.

  2. Optimize your packaging! If your items weigh more than 1 pound, the smaller you can make your package the more you'll save with Priority Mail Cubic.

  3. Use an envelope instead of a box! Not only are poly mailers lighter than boxes, but the way USPS calculates Cubic pricing with envelopes is more generous. Learn more about Priority Mail Cubic Softpack.

  4. Go for a Ground service! Rates for USPS Ground Advantage or UPS® Ground service will be the cheapest way to ship a package in most cases, as long as you're okay with a slower delivery speed.

  5. Use free USPS boxes! Ordering free USPS Mailing Boxes off the Postal Service's website is a quick way to lower your shipping costs by simply not paying a dime for packaging.

  6. Save on label printing costs! Switching to a thermal label printer can save you anywhere from 5 to 50 cents per shipment due to the high cost of paper and ink. That adds up fast! Check out our printer recommendations.

  7. Save more on international shipping! You can save up to $28.90 per package with Pirate Ship's exclusive Simple Export Rate service. 95% of the world lives outside the USA... lower shipping rates will help you get those sales!

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