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Tips to lower your shipping costs

Is shipping too expensive? Here are a bunch of things you can do to help shave some costs!

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With Pirate Ship, you get free access to the deepest discounts USPS provides as well as pre-negotiated UPS rates... but there are lots of ways to protect YARRrrr treasure when shipping a package 😉

This guide contains some of our favorite ways to save booty so you can keep growing your business 💸

Strategies for lowering YARrrr shipping costs

  • Keep Your Package Under 1 Pound: If you can make your package weigh 15.99 ounces or less, you'll save the most with the cheapest USPS shipping service, USPS Ground Advantage®.

  • Optimize Your Packaging: If your items weigh more than 1 pound, the smaller you can make your package the more you'll save with Priority Mail Cubic.

  • Use an Envelope Instead of a Box: Not only are poly mailers lighter than boxes, but the way USPS calculates Cubic pricing with envelopes is more generous.

  • Go for a Ground Service: Rates for USPS Ground Advantage or UPS® Ground service will be the cheapest way to ship a package in most cases, as long as you're okay with a slower delivery speed.

  • Use Free USPS Boxes: Ordering free USPS Mailing Boxes off the Postal Service's website is a quick way to lower your shipping costs by simply not paying a dime for packaging.

  • Save on Printing Costs: Switching to a thermal label printer can save you anywhere from 5 to 50 cents per shipment due to the high cost of paper and ink. That adds up fast!

  • Use Simple Export Rate® for International Shipping: You can save up to 54% per package with Pirate Ship's invite-only Simple Export Rate service.

    • 95% of the world lives outside the USA... lower shipping rates will help you get those sales!

    • Chat with us to access these exclusive international rates 💬

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