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How to cut down your boxes to size
How to cut down your boxes to size

Fast techniques to cutting your box down that can help save cost!

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When your box is too big for the items you're shipping, you may find it best to cut the box to size. Recycling boxes and making minor customizations is a great way to reduce and reuse materials, while also saving tons of treasAAaarrr!

If your package qualifies for Priority Mail Cubic, cutting down the size of your box can often help you get your package into a cheaper cubic tier. Read more about Priority Mail Cubic here.

Double-check insurance requirements before cutting your boxes

Before you cut down your boxes, keep in mind that any third-party insurance claims may be denied if your package arrives damaged at its final destination. Altered packaging disqualifies your shipment from Shipsurance coverage, as dictated in the company's shipping insurance terms and conditions.

Learn more about the Shipsurance Terms and Conditions.

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