It's easy to get a summary of your shipping costs for taxes! 

Just head to your Reports page here: 

You can change the Date Range at the top of the page to adjust those reports here:

That'll update all the numbers & charts, and give you a total that you can use for your accounting 👍

The Total Shipping Costs section will show the total spent on shipping labels over the selected date range:

If you need to export a line-item report, just click the View Transactions link underneath Total Shipping Costs:

You can filter that report for the date range you need. Just click on the Date column header to apply that filter. If you want to see everything from 2019, set the range as January 1st 2019 - January 1st 2020:

Once you have the date range you want, you can use the Export button to get a copy of those transactions in a spreadsheet:

If you have any questions here, feel free to chat with us! One of our deckhands will be happy to help get you sailing in the right direction!

Do I need a W-9 to send a 1099 to Pirate Ship?

The IRS actually has an exception for payments for freight, so it's not necessary to issue Pirate Ship a 1099:

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