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How to ship government documents

Learn about the proper services for sending tax returns, passports, and more

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Tax returns, checks, and passports are a few critical items that require you to send out every so often. This guide covers how to properly send these types of items, and the different services you can use.

The IRS prefers you to send tax returns and checks via Certified Mail

  • Use Certified Mail to Send Tax Returns: While you can technically ship tax documents in rigid envelopes, paying for a shipping service such as USPS Ground Advantage or Priority Mail isn't the best way to do so. Instead, the IRS prefers you to use Certified Mail service to send year-end taxes, which is basically First-Class Mail with a tracking number for you to follow along with.

  • Pirate Ship Doesn't Offer Certified Mail: Unfortunately, Certified Mail isn't a service that Pirate Ship offers. You'll need to go to your local Post Office to access that 😉

For sending passports, use a Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelope

Keep auto-refund timelines in mind

  • Labels Are Auto-Refunded After 28 Days: If you're sending out documents with an additional label for a return service back to you, keep in mind that Pirate Ship automatically refunds labels after 28 days if they don't get used within that time.

    • Return Labels have a longer period of use, and are auto-refunded after 90 days 😅

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