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How to select your Package Type when creating a label
How to select your Package Type when creating a label

A visual example of choosing your Packaging Type and Services

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A gif showing the process of selecting the Packaging Type when creating a label. In the section, 'Type of Packaging,' a drop down menu is shown. If this menu is clicked, all of the packaging options appear below. When an option is select, the menu collapses and shows only the option that was clicked. Towards the bottom right corner, the 'Get Rates' button is clicked, and on the next page, there's a similar drop down menu under 'Choose a Service.'

You have the option to expand boxes to view details or choose your Type of Packaging, Shipping Service and more by clicking on the fields and boxes marked with the following carrots:

A screenshot showing the different icons that indicate a drop down or expandable menu. From right to left, there's a triangle point downward, two triangles with one pointing upwards on top, and one pointing towards on the bottom, and finally a plus sign inside a circle.

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