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Why won't USPS accept my Ship From Address (or why does it say Invalid Ship To Address?)
Why won't USPS accept my Ship From Address (or why does it say Invalid Ship To Address?)

Learn about steps you can take when you receive an address error because USPS couldn't find any matches in their database

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When creating a label, USPS verifies that the Ship From and Ship To addresses are valid addresses. If they can't find a match in their address database, they won't let you buy that label.

What to do if USPS can't find a match for your address

If USPS can't find a match for either your Ship From or Ship To Address, we recommend doing three things:

    • Use the "Find Cities by ZIP" tool to make sure the city name you're using is the correct one for that zip code.

    • Then use the "Find by Address" tool to see if the address is valid.

  • 2) Use Google Maps to see if there is actually a house/building at that address, and if the address should be formatted in a different way.

  • 3) Verify that the address information you're entering is, in fact, correct 😉

    • Human error when entering addresses is one of the main reasons why USPS returns errors. Always double-check that you've entered the entire address correctly. Even a single incorrect letter or digit could be the difference!

What if the address is a brand new street / building / neighborhood / development?

  • Brand New Addresses: If you're shipping from/to a new development, you need to tell USPS to add the address to their database.

    • One way to accomplish this is to visit the Post Office in your Zip Code and ask to speak with the postmaster.

How to add an address to the USPS database without going to the Post Office

If you've verified that all your address information is correct and USPS still won't accept it, here are the steps to add an address to the USPS database from your computer:

  • Visit the USPS Address Management System Page: First, go to the USPS Address Management System page. Here, you'll be able to enter your zip code and find your nearest Address Management System (AMS) Office.

  • Reach Out to Your Local AMS Office: You can either visit your local AMS Office in person or contact them at the phone number that shows up on the USPS Address Management System page. After you contact the office, you can begin the validation process!

  • Wait for USPS to Contact You: Once the validation process is complete, USPS will contact you again to provide the deal with records and display whether the address is now valid or not.

    • In rare cases, USPS may return evidence as to why the address isn't eligible to be accepted in its system.

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