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Troubleshoot Common Cratejoy Integration Problems
Troubleshoot Common Cratejoy Integration Problems

Here's how to troubleshoot any issues you're having with the Cratejoy connection

Updated over a week ago

Pirate Ship only imports Unshipped Shipments from Cratejoy, so it should match whatever your Shipments tab in the Cratejoy dashboard shows.

If one of your Shipments isn't showing up in Pirate Ship, there's only a few reason that could be:

  1. Have you made sure to Clear All Filters in Pirate Ship and clicked Refresh Data to make sure you're looking at everything?

  2. Are you filtering for the batch of Shipments you'd like to ship, using the Cratejoy What to Ship column? This prevents you from shipping future Shipments.

  3. Have you ever bought a label for this Shipment before? Even if you go back into Cratejoy and manually mark the Shipment as Unshipped, if you've shipped it in Pirate Ship before we won't let you buy another label, to prevent accidental duplicate shipping. You'll need to create a label manually using the Single Label form instead.

If you're still getting stuck, just let us know using the chat. We're here to help!

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