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How does the Cratejoy integration work?
How does the Cratejoy integration work?

Learn about Pirate Ship's Cratejoy integration and how to connect to start shipping your subscription boxes

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  • Subscription Box Shipping Made Easy: Pirate Ship’s Cratejoy integration is the #1 choice for subscription box shipping and hundreds of Cratejoy merchants use it every day.

    • This integration makes it simple to import YARrrr "Unshipped" Cratejoy subscriptions and turn them into shipping labels at the cheapest rates possible. When you process your monthly shipments using Pirate Ship, each shipment is automatically marked as Shipped and the tracking number is sent back to Cratejoy. 

See the Pirate Ship Cratejoy integration in action:

Connecting Cratejoy to Pirate Ship

  • Get Connected: Here's how to connect Cratejoy to your Pirate Ship account:

    • 1. In your Cratejoy dashboard, navigate to Settings > API.

    • 2. Click the Generate a new Key button. It will give you a "Client ID" and a "Client Secret Key". Leave this open so you can copy/paste these in the next step.

    • 3. In your Pirate Ship dashboard, navigate to Settings > Integrations and select Connect New Source > Cratejoy. Enter the Client ID and Client Secret Key, then click Save Connection.

Importing and filtering Cratejoy orders

  • Importing Orders: Once your Cratejoy store is connected, on the Ship page in Pirate Ship you should now see an Import from Cratejoy option in the upper right-hand corner. Click on that and you’ll see all your Cratejoy shipments with the status "Unshipped."

  • Filter & Group Shipments: You can filter & group your shipments in any way you need (if you have multi-month subscription options, Cratejoy creates shipments for future months, so make sure to filter for just the current month's batch in the "Cratejoy What to Ship" column).

    • Other filtering options include Order Date, Order Items, Shipment Date, Cratejoy Batch, Sign Up Date, Subscription Status, Shipment ID, Gifts, Sub Cycle, and more! 

    • Refreshing Import Data: Pirate Ship will refresh the data periodically, but make sure to click the "Refresh Data" button before you ship to make sure you’re always looking at the most current order list. 

Customizing YARrrr settings

  • Customize YARrrr Integration: In Pirate Ship’s Settings > Integrations > Cratejoy page you can adjust several settings:

    • Email Notifications: You can choose whether you’d like to use Pirate Ship’s email notifications instead of having Cratejoy send an email when the order is shipped.

      • The benefit of Pirate Ship’s email system over Cratejoy’s is that you can schedule when you’d like the email to be sent, instead of it always being sent right when you purchase the postage.

      • If you choose to use Pirate Ship's emails, disable Cratejoy's shipment notification emails in Cratejoy's Settings > Notifications > Shipment Notice, so that your subscribers don't get two emails.

    • Field Mapping: You can edit the Field Mapping to have some of the Cratejoy order data printed in small text in the corner of the shipping label. This is commonly used to print Order ID, Order Items, Gift Message, etc on each label, which can be helpful.

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