Pirate Ship's labels are industry standard 4x6" labels. 

There are three format options; two of which are for common desktop printers that print on 8.5x11" paper, and the other for 4x6" label printers.

  • Label Printers: If you're using a label printer, be sure to select the 4x6" Shipping Labels option. In your computer's printer settings, select "Fit to Page" or "100% Scale" to ensure the margins are correct.
  • Desktop Printers: If you're using a desktop printer, select either 1 Labels or 2 Labels Per Page option.

Once you've opened the printing dialogue box of the generated label, be sure you have the correct printer selected, and the corresponding paper size: 

  • If you're using a 4x6" label printer and you do not see a 4 in x 6 in option (or 100mm x 150mm) then you're printer may not be setup properly with your computer's operating system. Make sure you have installed the correct drivers for your printer. See your printer's user manual.
  • If you're printing on a common 8.5x11" desktop printer, you will select that same paper size (also called Letter or US Letter).

Keep in mind that Pirate Ship's labels are formatted perfectly, so any print issues you're having are a communication issue between your printer and computer. Although we're happy to try to help, we don't know how every printer and computer is configured. Your best bet is to play with the settings until you get it right, or do some research for your specific printer online. 

You can print your label as many times as needed to get those settings right! 

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