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Windows: How to print 2x7" labels
Windows: How to print 2x7" labels

Printing the 2x7" label format with the Dymo LabelWriter 450, Brother QL-800, or other small label printers on a PC

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Getting Setup on Pirate Ship

1. You must switch the Label Size on Pirate Ship in Settings / General Settings, to 2x7" labels before you can buy 2x7" labels.

Screenshot of General Settings section in Settings, showing where you can switch the label size between 4 by 6 inches and 2 by 7 inches. The 2 by 7 inch option is highlighted.

Note: Certain features are not supported in the 2x7 inch format. If any of the noted features are necessary for your shipments, we recommend leave this setting to 4x6” and getting a 4x6" inch label printer or you can print with your desktop printer too.

2. Make sure to click Save at the bottom!

3. Now you can Buy a 2x7" label.

How to print labels from different web browsers

First, click the giant green Print Label button in Pirate Ship.


In Chrome, you'll see Pirate Ship will generate a label preview. And if you put your cursor over it, you'll notice a small printer icon to click in the top right.


Firefox isn't as seamless with in-line PDFs as Chrome, but you can still print your labels if you use this browser. When using Firefox, click Download PDF, and then on the printer icon in the top right. Here's an example of how that looks:

Next, select your printer under "Destination" and make sure the other prompts align with the example in this screenshot:


In Edge, click Open Label in New Tab and then on the printer icon in the top right.

Setting Default Settings

For our first print, before we click the Print button, let’s set default settings by going to Printers & Scanners, selecting the Printer you want to Manage, and clicking Printing Preferences. The preference box and option names are different for each printer.

Screenshot of how to access 'Printers & scanners' system settings in Windows 10 by searching through the computer with the search bar in the bottom left corner.

Example we’re using the DYMO LabelWriter 450 and Brother QL-800.

LabelWriter 450

  1. Click on Advanced.

  2. For Paper Size select 99019 Large Lever Arch (if this isn't available, select the option showing dimensions of 59 x 190 millimeters).

  3. You can get super sharp prints by changing the Quality Setting under the Paper/Quality tab, to Best. But for me, I like the default print speed to quality ratio.

Brother's QL-800

  1. For Paper Size select 7 inch postage label.
    Note: Windows may call the default Paper Size "2.4" in browsers after preferences are saved, instead of "7 inch postage label," which can be confusing but it should still work!

  2. It's recommended that Quality be set to Give priority to print quality.

  3. Under the Advanced tab and Half-tone, select For Logo & Text.

Note: If given the option, ensure your Color is set to "2 Color" and not "Monochrome"!

Two barcodes are shown to demonstrate the differences between giving priority to print speed, and giving priority to print quality. When print speed is prioritize, the barcode appears a little fuzzy and less clear. When print quality is prioritized, the barcode appears crisp.

When your default settings are set, Click Apply or Okay.

Click Print

In Chrome, Firefox and Edge, Select the correct printer, and click… Print!

Screenshots comparing the different print dialogue windows between Chrome, Firefox, and Edge.

And for some instances in Firefox, click Okay to print.

A quick note on Brother printers...

In some instances, we've seen some Brother printers such as the QL-570 print partially blank labels. This issue can typically be fixed by changing your printer's scale to "Normal" paper size and then manually changing it to 2".

You can't use 2x7" labels for international shipments

You can't print customs forms on 2x7" labels, so you can't use them for international shipments. If you need to make an international label, just switch back to the 4x6" label size and use a regular desktop printer or a 4x6" label printer.

You can't print 2x7" UPS labels

Unfortunately, you can only print USPS labels in the 2x7" sizes, since UPS labels on Pirate Ship only come in the standard 4x6" size 😅 If you have 2x7" selected in your General Settings, UPS services won't show up when you create your label and click the green "Get Rates" button.

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