Pirate Ship is a web app that works on any computer or device, including Windows... but you may need to configure your computer's printer settings to get it looking right. Here's how:

Using a regular desktop printer?

If you're using a normal inkjet or laser printer that prints on 8.5x11" letter-sized paper, this guide is the one for you:

Using a thermal label printer?

If you're using a 4x6" label printer, such as a Zebra, Dymo 4XL, or Rollo, this guide is the one for you:

Need help installing your Rollo printer?

If you haven't installed your Rollo printer yet, here's how to set it up and configure it to print with Pirate Ship:

Need help configuring your Zebra label printer?

Zebra printers have default settings that can make your labels look fuzzy or have bad quality. This guide shows you how to fix that:

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