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Wireless Desktop Printer Recommendations
Wireless Desktop Printer Recommendations

Our top three recommendations for wireless desktop printers

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Desktop printers are a great investment for anyone who’s looking for something more functional than a regular label printer. You can only use label printers to print shipping labels, while desktop printers can print a much wider variety of documents. Pirate Ship supports 4x6” and 2x7” label types, and desktop printers can easily print labels in both these sizes 👍

Our recommendations for wireless desktop printers

This affordable wireless printer is one of the best values currently available for a printer of its kind. It sports a modest printing speed, and uses the HP Smart app for easy setup to print from your mobile device. Since it’s a monochrome printer, it only prints black and white. In our opinion, this is the ideal printer for a budding new business, or for casual use. If you don’t need the automatic two-sided printing, make sure to turn it off in your printer settings.

This is a great “all in one” device for printing, scanning, and copying at rapid speeds. If you need all-in-one capability while maintaining great print speed and quality for your business needs, look no further than this model.

If you anticipate the need for a hard-working printer that doesn’t slouch under pressure, then this is the one you need. Setting it up with the HP Smart app is easy, and it can print double the monthly volume of the other two printers we listed. Like the cheaper HP model, it defaults to two-sided printing to save paper, but you can also turn that off in your printer settings.

Do I need any special paper?

You can use any of these three printers to print labels with half-sheet label sticker paper ($15), or you can use regular paper and tape the labels on your box with clear tape 😉 Remember to follow our instructions for installing these printers’ drivers on your computer before attempting to print any labels:

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