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Can I send an RMA (Returned Merchandise Authorization) shipment on Pirate Ship?
Can I send an RMA (Returned Merchandise Authorization) shipment on Pirate Ship?

Understanding Returned Merchandise Authorization shipments and how they get taxed

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An RMA is the first part of the process of returning a product to a business to receive a refund, replacement, or repair. While you won't need to pay any customs duties for domestic shipments, you may run into these fees when sending an RMA shipment internationally.

There's no way to designate a shipment as "RMA" on Pirate Ship

When sending a return internationally, especially for a refund, replacement, or repair, you don’t want to pay import taxes on the item as if it were a sale! Instead, you want to show that the package contains Returned Goods being sent back to the original manufacturer.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to mark a shipment like this on Pirate Ship 🙈 Our services aren’t geared towards handling international shipments such as RMA's, and when selecting your Package Content Type, you're limited to either Merchandise, Documents, or Gifts:

For RMA packages, try shipping with USPS or UPS directly

For the time being, we recommend shipping any Returned Goods, Commercial Samples, Humanitarian Donations, or Dangerous Goods directly through the carrier instead of through Pirate Ship, since our system isn’t set up specifically to handle these edge cases 😅

For example, if you’re shipping through USPS directly, there are a few more options for selecting your package contents...including marking the shipment as containing "Returned Goods."

Here's how that looks with Click-N-Ship® on

While marking a shipment as Returned Goods doesn't entirely exclude it from being subject to customs duties and taxes, most customs departments will assess a lower tax (or no tax at all)! This can help reduce the amount of import taxes the manufacturer you're shipping to might need to pay, and can help speed up the customs process 😊

Any questions? Chat with our Support Crew and we'll lend a hook!

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