There are many reasons why a WooCommerce store may have some trouble connecting to Pirate Ship. The steps below will go over some easy settings to check, but you may need to reach out to your site developer for further assistance πŸ˜‰

  • Is your website live? Pirate Ship won't be able to connect to your store if your website is under maintenance, or in password-protected mode.

  • Are you trying to connect to the base URL? For example, you should be connecting to, not πŸ‘

  • Does your setup meet the minimum requirements?
    - Your WooCommerce plugin should be at least version 2.6 or newer.
    - Your Wordpress installation must be at least version 4.4 or newer.
    - You must have an SSL certificate installed on your website (https://)

  • If you go to, do you get an error, or a ton of code? (For example,
    - Getting a page full of code is a good sign πŸ™‚
    - If you see an actual error, the built-in API for your website was disabled or deleted. You'll need to work with your website developer to add it back!

  • Do you have a firewall? Sometimes firewalls will block unknown User Agents πŸ™ˆ You will want to be sure to whitelist Pirate Ship's User Agent String ("Pirate Ship WooCommerce Integration"). Your web developer can test if everything is working by running the following command: curl --verbose --user-agent "Pirate Ship WooCommerce Integration".

Still hitting rough waters? Chat in with our Support Crew so we can get you sailin' in the right direction β›΅

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