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What does Input Needed mean?
What does Input Needed mean?

How to draft a label

Updated over a week ago

After you click the Get Rates button when creating a label in Pirate Ship, that label (or batch) will be saved as a draft until the purchase is completed by clicking the Buy Label button. 

To access these label drafts at a later time, simply head to your main Ship page, where any label drafts will be indicated by a blue Input Needed button: 

A screenshot of the Ship Page, with an arrow pointing at a blue 'Input Needed' button that's to the right of the first shipment listed.

The Input Needed button will help you manage your drafted labels. By clicking this button, you will be able to review the label draft, and find 3 options for how to proceed with the draft:

A screenshot showing the bottom of the page that appears when you click the blue 'Input Needed' button. Towards the left corner, there are options for 'Previous Step,' and 'Cancel and Delete Label.' Towards the bottom right corner, there's a green 'Buy Label' button that you can click to complete the purchase of this particular shipment.
  • Previous Step will allow you to edit the address, package details, and customs form of the drafted label.

  • Cancel & Delete Label will delete the draft so it no longer appears on your Ship page.

  • Buy Label will allow you to complete the purchase of the label draft as-is.

Note: Pirate Ship only ever charges you when you click the Buy Label button - you won’t ever be charged for drafts still displaying an Input Needed button 😉

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