After you click the Get Rates button when creating a label in Pirate Ship, that label (or batch) will be saved as a draft until the purchase is completed by clicking the Buy Label button. 

To access these label drafts at a later time, simply head to your main Ship page, where any label drafts will be indicated by a blue Input Needed button: 

The Input Needed button will help you manage your drafted labels. By clicking this button, you will be able to review the label draft, and find 3 options for how to proceed with the draft:

  • Previous Step will allow you to edit the address, package details, and customs form of the drafted label.
  • Cancel & Delete Label will delete the draft so it no longer appears on your Ship page.
  • Buy Label will allow you to complete the purchase of the label draft as-is.

Note: Pirate Ship only ever charges you when you click the Buy Label button - you won’t ever be charged for drafts still displaying an Input Needed button 😉

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