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How can I change my name in Pirate Ship?
How can I change my name in Pirate Ship?

There are a few places to change how your name is displayed.

Updated over a week ago

There are a few places to change your name in Pirate Ship's Settings page:

  1. If you head to Settings / Account Settings you can change your personal name on the account. Only you and us will see this 😉

A screenshot showing the Account Settings section of Settings. The fields for 'First Name' and 'Last Name' are highlighted.

2. To change the name that appears on your labels, you can head over to your Settings / Ship From Addresses

You can change the name that's printed on your shipping labels as the return address. This is what your customers will see on the label:

A screenshot of the 'Ship From Addresses' section of Settings showing the Return Address fields. The 'Name (optional)' field is highlighted.
A picture of the label preview, showing the what the 'Name (optional)' field looks like on that actual label. This information is displayed towards the top left corner of the label.

If your Return Address is the same as your Physical Address, you can make those changes there:

A screenshot of the 'Ship From Addresses' section of Settings, showing the Physical Address section. The 'Name (optional)' field is highlighted.

3. Last but not least, you can change the name that's shown in your outgoing tracking emails by heading to Settings / Tracking Emails

You can edit the email that's sent to your customers if you provide their email address, and you'll want to change your Sender Name there, which is what your customer will see as who sent the email:

A screenshot of the 'Tracking Emails' section in Settings. The 'Sender Name' field on the 'Edit Email template' page is highlighted.
A screenshot of an email, with a red arrow pointing at where the 'Sender Name' field is displayed.

If you have any questions here, or run into rough waters, feel free to chat in! We're always happy to help out 👍

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