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Can I print Pirate Ship labels with a Dymo 450?
Can I print Pirate Ship labels with a Dymo 450?

Pirate Ship supports all Dymo LabelWriter 450 models, which print shipping labels in the 2x7" size

Updated over a week ago

The Dymo 450 is a great printer, and you can use it to print 2x7" labels with Pirate Ship!

Basics of printing 2x7" labels with the Dymo 450

Here's what you need to know when printing with the Dymo 450:

  • Labels Must Be Set to 2x7": To print with the Dymo 450, first head to your Settings > General Settings and change your Label Size to 2x7".

    • You need to set your label size before you create any labels, or else you'll have to go back and refund them if you accidentally purchase the wrong size.

  • USPS Labels Only: You can only use the Dymo 450 to print 2x7" USPS labels, since UPS labels on Pirate Ship only come in the standard 4x6" size.

  • Chromebook Compatability: Please also note that Dymo printers are not compatible with Chromebook laptops 🙈

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