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Can I preview a label before I purchase it?
Can I preview a label before I purchase it?

While you can't preview a label before buying it, you can view the Shipment Details to make sure all the address information is correct

Updated over a week ago

You can't see labels until you buy them...but you can view the details to verify everything is correct

  • See Shipment Details: We don't currently have a label preview feature...but on the Buy Label page, you can click the "+" sign next to the Shipment Details to expand the package details.

    • Here's where to find the "+" sign:

A screenshot showing the Buy Label page. Towards the top left corner under where the name is shown, there is a plus sign next to 'Shipment Details.' The plus sign is highlighted with an annotation reading 'Click the plus sign.'
  • Expanding & Collapsing Shipment Details: Once you've clicked the "+" sign, that information will remain static on all your shipments. You can always hit the - sign to collapse the preview field again. 

    • Here's how the Shipment Details section looks when it's expanded:

A screenshot showing the shipment details that appear after clicking the plus sign. In this section, you can see the Ship From Address and the package details which includes packaging type, dimensions, weight, and any extra services.

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