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How do I print labels? Do I need a special kind of printer?
How do I print labels? Do I need a special kind of printer?

Printing shipping labels and label printer recommendations

Updated over a week ago

Nope! In fact, Pirate Ship allows you to print shipping labels with any kind of printer.

If you have a regular desktop printer, you can print either 1 or 2 labels per standard letter-size 8.5x11” paper. You can use regular paper, and simply cut the excess paper and tape it to your packages, or you can purchase half-sheet sticker paper, which can simplify the process. Note: Perforated 4x6" labels like ones provided by Avery will not work! You would need to purchase full half-sheet sticker paper if you choose to not use standard desktop printer paper.

If you have a label printer, you can print your USPS® labels as a 4x6” or 2x7" label, while your UPS® labels will only print in the standard 4x6" size. Read our Label Printer & Shipping Scale Recommendations.

You can also download your labels as a PDF or ZPL file, or you can generate a sharing link to share the labels with someone else who will be printing them for you. 

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