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Does Pirate Ship offer shipping supplies like boxes or label paper?
Does Pirate Ship offer shipping supplies like boxes or label paper?

Get more information on shipping supplies, boxes, and label paper

Updated over a week ago

Pirate Ship only sells discounted UPS® & USPS® labels

  • No Shipping Supplies: Pirate Ship doesn't offer any supplies such as boxes or label paper. We simply make it easy to buy deeply discounted USPS & UPS postage so you can keep as much treasure in your chest as possible 😉

UPS & USPS provide free packaging

If you'd like to keep your shipping costs low, both USPS and UPS provide free packaging that you can order on their websites.

  • Where to Get Free USPS Boxes: USPS can provide Priority Mail packaging at your local Post Office, or you can order them for free at You'll need to first create a USPS account.

    • For most USPS services, you can use whatever packaging you like, although some services such as Priority Mail Flat Rate require specific packaging. Free USPS boxes with "Flat Rate" on them require you to buy the corresponding postage.

    • To take advantage of specially-discounted services like USPS Priority Mail Cubic, USPS has free non-flat rate boxes you can use. We've listed several packaging options in our article: Free USPS mailing boxes for Priority Mail Cubic.

  • Where to Get Free UPS Boxes: Similar to USPS, UPS offers free packaging on its website that you can use with most of its services. To order free UPS Express packaging, you'll need to create a UPS account.

Some resources on where to get label paper

  • Buy Label Paper: To see a list of where you can buy label paper, check out our guide: Where can I get labels for my label printer?

    • No matter what type of printer you're using, the article lists several resources for where to buy label paper for 4x6" label printers, 2x7" label printers, and regular desktop printers.

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