If you are not using Google's Chrome Web Browser, read below for details regarding other web browsers.

Print your Pirate Ship shipping label

Once you’ve bought a shipping label on PirateShip.com, the time has come! Click that giant green “Print Label” button to start printing configurations.

At the top of the popup, click to select the size to the 4x6 label format.

Pirate Ship will generate a label preview below, as long as you’re using a web browser that supports it, like Google Chrome.

We recommend using Chrome because it supports in-line PDFs, which will simplify printing your labels.

In Chrome, when you put your cursor over the label preview, there’s this little print button on the top right, which will save you a couple extra steps when printing your labels. As you can see, clicking it opens a printing dialog box without having to download the file.

If you’re use a different web browser, you’ll have to go through extra steps to print the label.

Don’t worry Chrome users, we’ll be back to settings in a second, but first we’re going to briefly cover Firefox and Edge/Explorer.

In Firefox and in Edge/Explorer, you can see that the browser does not support PDF previews. In Edge/Explorer just click the Open labels in new tab button. And in Firefox, Control+click or left click the Download PDF link and select Open link in new tab. The PDF file will open in a new tab in both browsers. Here you will see the printer icon on the top left. Click.

In Chrome, Firefox, and Windows Edge/Explorer, the options are arranged a little different, but they all have the same basic options.

First, make sure the printer you want to use is selected.

For many of you, you can click Print—or in the case of Firefox, click okay—and your label should print.

If your label does not print as expected, stay tuned.

In Chrome

Click More Options and make sure your Paper size is set to 4x6 inches or the 100x150mm options. Click Print.

In Edge/Explorer

Make sure the correct Printer is selected, set Scale to Actual Size, click more settings, make sure the orientation is set to Portrait, set the Paper Size to 4x6 or 100x150mm option. Click Print.

In Firefox

Make sure the correct Printer is selected, then click the Properties button.

Make sure the Orientation is set to Portrait, then click Advanced. Here make sure the Paper Size is set to 100x150 mm or 4x6 in.

There are an array of Printer Features that you could read for fun. But who wants to do that?

Click Ok. Click Ok. Click Ok again and voila, that means print!

If your label did not print as expected

Make sure you followed each step correctly, as most issues happen from not selecting the correct Label Format in Pirate Ship, or by not selecting the correlating Paper Size in the printing dialogue box.

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