Yes, Pirate Ship will work with your Squarespace website! While we don't have a direct Squarespace integration, it's still very easy to buy postage & ship your Squarespace store orders with Pirate Ship.

Pirate Ship's "spreadsheet shipping integration" lets you to quickly turn any spreadsheet into shipping labels, and it's easy to export your orders from Squarespace into a CSV spreadsheet.

  1. In your Squarespace dashboard, navigate to the Orders panel, where you can export orders to a .csv spreadsheet file. Use the filters in the export tool to refine the exported data by order status and date range.
  2. In your Pirate Ship account, on the "Ship" page click the "Upload a Spreadsheet" button and follow the steps.

Note: When exporting orders from Squarespace, the spreadsheet will include your customers billing addresses AND shipping addresses. When you upload the spreadsheet to Pirate Ship, make sure to only use the shipping address.

You can find more info about exporting from Squarespace here.

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