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How does the Discogs integration work?
How does the Discogs integration work?

Learn how to connect your Discogs account to Pirate Ship to access the cheapest shipping rates for free

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Connecting Discogs to Pirate Ship

It's simple to connect Discogs to Pirate Ship. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. In Discogs, go to your Discogs API settings and generate a new token.

  2. In Pirate Ship, go to Settings / Integrations / Connect New Source / Discogs

  3. Enter that API token into Pirate Ship ๐Ÿ‘

  4. By default, Pirate Ship will only show orders with the status Payment Received, but you can change it if you need.

  5. We recommend enabling Pirate Ship's tracking emails, which you can edit in Settings / Tracking Emails.

  6. Once you click Save Connection, your orders will show up on the Ship / Import page.

Order statuses update in Discogs when you buy labels or refund them

  • Orders Marked as Shipped: When you import an order from Discogs and buy a label with Pirate Ship, the order will automatically be marked as Shipped in Discogs.

  • Refunding Labels: If you refund a label in Pirate Ship, the order will be set back to its last status in Discogs.

A note on Paypal payments for Discogs orders and shipping addresses

  • PayPal Address Issues: PayPal is a payment method for Discogs orders, and when Discogs customers pay via PayPal, they can choose a shipping address that's different from the shipping address they entered when purchasing their stuff.

    • Since Pirate Ship only imports a customer's shipping address from Discogs and not PayPal, this may cause problems with a package going to a place your recipient doesn't want it to ๐Ÿ™ˆ

  • Double-Check Addresses: To stay on top of any potential issues, we recommend double-checking that any addresses on labels you pull in for your orders match with your customers' shipping addresses they provided in Discogs before you buy your labels. If they don't, you may be sending a package to an incorrect address!

Pirate Ship doesn't display live rates to your customers

Contact ARRrrr Support Crew if ye need a helping hook!

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