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How does the Big Cartel integration work?
How does the Big Cartel integration work?

Connect your BigCartel store to import orders & create shipping labels.

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Pirate Ship’s BigCartel integration makes it simple to import your orders and turn them into shipping labels.

Here's how our BigCartel app works:

  • Selecting a BigCartel Plan: You can use any of BigCartel's plan levels, including the free Gold level to connect to Pirate Ship.

Setting up your integration with BigCartel

Here's a step-by-step process to connect your BigCartel store to Pirate Ship:

  1. Click the Connect New Source button in the top right

  2. Select "Big Cartel" from the list and sign in to your Big Cartel account if you're not already signed in. Then click Allow to grant access.

  3. That’s it! Now you can select orders to get rates, print postage, and ship your orders. Just head to your Ship page and click the "Import from Big Cartel" button to see your orders!

Importing Orders with different payment statuses

  • Completed Orders: By default, Pirate Ship imports orders that have the payment status "Completed," but you can change this if you need to.

Pirate Ship doesn't display live rates to your customers

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