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How does the Ecwid integration work?
How does the Ecwid integration work?

Learn about Pirate Ship's Ecwid integration

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Pirate Ship’s Ecwid integration makes it simple to import your orders and turn them into shipping labels.

Here's how our Ecwid app works:

You need to pay for Ecwid's Venture plan ($15/mo) to be able to connect Pirate Ship. Further, to add notes to orders, you will have to upgrade to Ecwid's Business plan ($35/mo).

You can connect your Ecwid store in one of two ways:

  1. On the Ship page just click Import from Integrations, then Import from Ecwid

  2. In Pirate Ship, head to Settings > Integrations and add your Ecwid store

If you’re logged in to Ecwid you will be automatically connected, and ou will be able to see all of your paid orders.

To edit your connection, go to Settings > Integrations and clicking Edit.

What type of order status does Pirate Ship import?

By default, Pirate Ship only imports Ecwid orders that have the status Paid. However, you can import orders with a custom payment status if you like! To do this, navigate to your Ecwid Integration Settings. Click the drop-down menu below "Select Payment Statuses to import" and then select your custom order status 👍

For info on how to create custom order statuses in Ecwid, check out Ecwid's guide.

Pirate Ship doesn't display live rates to your customers

Keep in mind that Pirate Ship never displays live rates to your customers. What you charge for shipping is up to you 😉 Check out this article for some tips on what to charge for shipping.

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