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Mac: How to print with a 4x6" label printer
Mac: How to print with a 4x6" label printer

Learn how to print labels with a 4x6" label printer on Apple macOS

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Watch this video to learn how to print 4x6" shipping labels using a Mac:

Step-by-step instructions for printing 4x6" labels in Chrome, Firefox, and Safari:

  1. Buy the label and click the “Print Label” button.

  2. At the top of the popup, select the 4x6" label format.

  3. You'll see a label preview if you're using a web browser that supports it, like Chrome.

    1. In Chrome, hover your mouse over the label preview and click the little printer icon on the top right.

    2. In Firefox, click the “Download Label” button and Firefox will ask you what action to take. We recommend opening the PDF with Apple’s Preview.

    3. In Safari, hover your mouse over the label preview, and click the 2nd icon from the right to open the PDF in Apple’s Preview. Here's how that looks:

      A screenshot showing the icons that appear in Safari towards the bottom of the browser whenever you view a PDF. The icon that's second to the right is highlighted, and if you click this, you will open the PDF in Apple's Preview.
  4. For Firefox or Safari, once you have the labels open in Apple Preview, you can go to File > Print or use the hotkeys Cmd + P to open Preview’s printing dialogue box.

  5. Chrome and Apple Preview's printing dialogue boxes are arranged a little different, but they both have the same basic options:

    1. First, make sure the printer you want to use is selected. In Chrome’s printing dialogue box this is called destination - just click "Change. "In Preview’s printing dialogue box, the destination is called "Printer."

    2. Next, make sure the Paper Size is a 4x6" option or 100mm x 150mm. If you do not see either of these options, you likely have not installed the printer drivers correctly. Follow the directions that came with your printer.

    3. Sometimes, “Fit to page” or “Scale to Page” are helpful options.

6) That should be it! Click Print and your label should print without a hitch 💪

What if my label didn't print correctly?

  • Retrace YARrrr Steps for Incorrectly Printed Labels: If your label did not print as expected, make sure you followed each step correctly, as most issues happen from not selecting the correct label format in Pirate Ship, or by not selecting the right paper size in the printing dialogue box.

Any questions? Send us a message below deck!

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